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Independence Day Treats

Red, white, and blue snacks
made by kids
are the perfect way to celebrate
this quintessential summer holiday.

How did this happen?  I feel that the summer has not even started, and yet July 4th is right around the corner!  What better way to celebrate our nation’s independence than sitting back and letting your kids whip up a tasty bite for the whole family?  Making the snacks red, white and blue, of course!

Little ones may need some help with cutting up the ingredients, but assembly is easy enough for kids of all ages.  Making the snacks is only half the fun, though.  They are great to eat too, summery and delicious and just right for the holiday.


Red, White, and Blue Parfaits

Start the holiday on a
red, white, and blue note
with these quick, easy, and tasty parfaits.

Red White Blue Parfait

To see the recipe, click here.


Salsa with White and Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

This mild, kid-friendly salsa
is easy on the taste buds
and easy to make.
When it is served with blue and white chips
it becomes a Fourth of July treat.

 Salsa with White and Blue Tortilla Chips

To see the recipe, click here.


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