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Road Trip Pillows

These road trip pillows are
an easy project, a great gift,
and a sure way to infuse some much-needed sanity
into your next family car trip.

I can describe 2016 as a year of NEW for my family.  Early in the year came a new baby.  In June, we bought a new house, and the move brought a new state, new neighborhood, new schools, friends, etc.  Of course, for the new house, we also purchased COUNTLESS new things, from the essential (a kitchen trashcan) to the utilitarian (a sectional for the family room), to the purely decorative (gorgeous new wallpaper for my daughter’s room).  Needless to say, we have acquired many, many new things… SO MANY!  We have shopped so much, in fact, that when Christmas came along, we dreaded the idea of spending even more money on even more stuff.  So, we decided to spend the money on memories, not things this year.  Instead of physical gifts, my husband and I gave my family a trip to Washington, DC. 


September 16th Turkey Meatloaf


A lighter version of a classic home-cooked meal,
this crowd-pleaser 
is hearty, delicious,
moist, and perfect for a fall day.

Happy September 17th!

You must surely be thinking: Why is September 17th a special day? Well, it is special because it is the day after September 16th, which is the day after September 15th. I may or may not have mentioned previously that I am a tax accountant, and September 15th is a huge filing deadline. For months before this momentous day, tax accountants work long hours, 70-, 80-, 90-hour weeks, to ensure that all partnership and corporate tax returns are filed on time. We work, and work, and work, and really do very little but work. We do not see friends, we neglect our families, we are lax about or health and personal hygiene, and, most notably, we do not sleep. However, it all does come to an end eventually, and September 16th marks the day of re-entry into normal life.


Iced Coffee 101


It turns out
there is more to iced coffee than I thought...

Does this happen to everyone? Sometimes, events all conspire to make me notice something special. One day, I learn about this thing, and suddenly it is everywhere. All my friends are talking about it, it is on TV and on the radio and in all the magazines, all over Pinterest, Facebook, etc. It was there all along, of course, but it is now mine, and I see it with fresh eyes and marvel at its existence.

This exact phenomenon happened with iced coffee. A few days ago, I opened to a page in Wine Spectator Magazine and saw a quick, one-page article of various ideas for iced coffee drinks. The recipes all called for coffee concentrate. I scanned the article and thought: what is this coffee concentrate? Because it seemed like some hard-to-find specialty item, or worse, something I have to make myself, I quickly dismissed it.


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